Here are some pictures of my progress so far!
Becca Malibu Soleil bronzer | Goal: hit pan | Times used: 21 | Making progress here! I think you can see that the dip is bigger in the photos.Becca Beach Nectar highlighter | Goal: use up heart embossing | Times used: 22 | It’s funny, I can still totally see the heart but also the dip is getting quite deep.I might hit pan before I wear down the heart.Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette | Goal: show usage | Times used: 10 | Still occasionally using this, happily! The Balm Caramel cream blush | Goal: finish | Times used: 25 | Getting there! Physician’s Formula Vintage Rouge blush | Goal: wear down ripple pattern | Times used: 18 | I want to recommit to this! I feel like I could use it more.Physician’s Formula Airbrushing Pressed Powder | Goal: expand pan | Times used: 18 | I’ve used up one gram of this powder, which feels good! The pan is expanding.Physician’s Formula Organic Wear BB Cream | Goal: use 10 grams | Times used: 19 | I’ve used up three grams of this! Not sure I’ll hit my goal, but it seems like I’m on target if I keep up this rate of use.Maybelline Maple Kiss lipstick | Goal: finish | Times used: 26 | Man, this is taking so long to use.

Lipstick.Never again.Jack Black Intense Therapy Shea Butter lip balm | Goal: finish | Still able to use the tube but it’s definitely sometimes difficult to get product out..

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