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But the true DSLR killer will be the Global Shutter.Once that is here DSLR no longer makes any sense and will definately go away.
Just a few features global shutter will bring:
1: NO moving parts (shutter or mirror)
2: NO noise from moving parts when shooting
3: Always on AF while shooting (no pauses from closed shutter or mirror)
4: No Viewfinder blackout at all while shooting
5: Unlimited flashsync options while shooting – both in speed, duration and relative frametime.
6: MUCH higher framerates while shooting – fx.100 or a 1000 frames pr.Second
7: Much cheaper production cost and no moving parts quality issues
The list goes on..
I hope that list answers the question why DSLR is dead.
I have to disagree.Not because you’re wrong, but because of how fickle the buying public is especially for retro, niche, and kitch markets.
If we went by the logic that XXX piece of up-and-coming tech renders YYY piece of technology functionally obsolete, then there’s a lot of technology that should be museum pieces, yet are still made and there’s a sizable chunk of the buying public that still buys into said tech:
Phonograph records.

I have albums released in 2018 which are vinyl.

You can buy record players.People are buying it–young people to boot! Even though digital media is superior in almost every single way–it still sells.
Manual transmissions in cars.Yes, they are still options in a good number of cars even though current automatic transmissions and CVT’s are better both in fuel economy and putting power to the road.
Hell, even in the photography market you have companies producing lenses which render more like vintage lenses instead of the hyper-sharp microcontrast lenses of today–and of course the old Polaroid instamatics have a niche following.
While, based on further posts in this thread, I do agree that the cell camera market will eventually push the ILC cameras out of the consumer market and leave ILC’s (mirrorless or otherwise) into the niche market.However, based on other trends like the above, I seriously doubt the DSLR is dead or will be dead in the not-too-distant-future…and niche products don’t count as dead.Hell B&H have 4×5 view cameras for sale.Someone has to be buying them otherwise they wouldn’t be offered for sale.
Ergo: I do agree that the market may be moving away from DSLR’s–especially as mirrorless tech becomes more streamlined and once stuff like global shutter become commonplace.

But completely dead? I seriously doubt that.As long as there’s a market someone will make it,
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